The Best Houseboat Rental Options


A vacation or getaway on Lake Powell is truly an all-inclusive adventure. From the moment your luxurious¬†houseboat¬†cruises out of your tour boats, the excitement and enjoyment of your new surroundings are undeniable. The luxury lake houseboats on Lake Powell have all the amenities that make any vacation a pleasurable time. They also offer activities for those who don’t want to be there all the time.



The perfect Lake Powell experience starts onboard the world-class houseboats that provide a scenic, calm, peaceful ride. These luxurious houseboats, from just over 50 feet to almost 75 feet in length, combine a plush interior with no-hold-bars-style elegance. A full complement of amenities is available for your luxurious Lake Powell houseboat, including a fully stocked kitchen, living areas, and bathrooms.

You can spend a full day of your Lake Powell trip strolling through the beautiful Pahute River with your family. During your stay at one of the luxurious houseboat cruises, you will enjoy the beauty of this ancient valley while visiting the many quaint villages that dot its shores. There are several activities you can participate in that will help you explore the Pahute Valley on a more personal level. You can visit historic Pahute village cabins, visit a lodge that overlooks Lake Pahute or take advantage of the services provided by the Pahute County Historical Museum to learn about Pahute’s rich history.

Once you have spent a full day or two enjoying the natural wonders of the Pahute Valley, you’ll be ready to head back to your luxurious houseboat that can take you out on the lake. Houseboat cruises out on Lake Powell are designed to allow travelers the opportunity to sail freely under calm waters while taking in the magnificent vistas of the surrounding landscape.

On luxury houseboat trips, you will be able to sample a variety of meals from local restaurants. Whether you’re enjoying a traditional lunch of salmon salad, prime rib, or even a simple but scrumptious breakfast, you’ll love the wide array of food choices available to you. You can even enjoy cocktails at your favorite bar while sipping your drink of choice. in style while enjoying the soothing music of a local DJ. as you cruise along the scenic Pahute River.

If you’re interested in having a relaxing and peaceful time with your family on your houseboat trip, you may want to rent a cabin. If you decide to rent a cabin, you can reserve it in advance to ensure that you get to relax in the comfort of your own private oasis. You’ll enjoy the sound of the running water and the gentle breeze that travel throughout.

You can also choose to reserve a yacht for your Lake Powell vacation that offers a more intimate setting. With luxurious amenities and the ability to dine on board, you can enjoy the pleasures of a private dining experience in style. Your cabin will offer you a private deck, a private dining room, and more. Enjoy all the amenities that are available on board a houseboat, but on land. The cabin will provide privacy, while allowing your family to gather together and share a meal or two with you.

Once you have spent the day, night, or both relaxing in luxury on your houseboat on Lake Powell, you can head back to the shore of Pahute and enjoy the peaceful waters of the Pahute River. on a romantic cruise.

There are a number of different houseboat options on Lake Powell, so you can make sure you find one that is right for you. From luxury, to class, to the most basic houseboat option, you can find the perfect houseboat that you will enjoy cruising on Lake Powell.

If you’re interested in renting a houseboat on Lake Powell, you should consider visiting your favorite houseboat rentals company for information on what is available and for what you need. If you have any questions, your reservation agent will be able to answer any of your questions.

No matter which houseboat you choose to hire on Lake Powell, you will have fun and enjoy all the attractions and scenery that are found on the lake. The most popular houseboats are available on the West Lake Road between the Pahute River and the town of West Yellowstone.

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