Why Should I Choose An Electric Pressure Cooker?

Pressure cooking is not a new practice. It has been used in the cooking industry for over a century now. However, the traditional pressure cookers were unreliable owing to the fact that they had a reputation for blowing up in the face of high pressure. All thanks to the technological advancements in the cooking industry, pressure cookers have seen a significant improvement in their design. Today, they come equipped with multiple safety features to prevent any mishaps. Electric Pressure Cookers are the newest addition to the pressure cooker family which not only adds reliability to its use but also convenience and versatility to cooking. Here are the top reasons why every household should own an electric pressure cooker:

Saves Time and Energy:

With an electric pressure cooker, preparing a delicious meal for your family does not have to take hours of your time in the kitchen as it does with conventional cooking. Pressure cooking cuts the cooking time by over 70% by cooking food at a temperature higher than that involved in conventional cooking techniques. It’s not just time that the pressure cookers save for you. They also reduce cooking energy by 70%. Saving energy means you will be saving loads on your electricity bills.

Saves Nutrients:

The general rule is that the longer you cook your food, the more nutrients it will lose. Where traditional cooking methods destroy most of the essential nutrients in your meal by cooking food for a long time, electric pressure cookers retain most of them. Also by trapping steam in a sealed environment, these cookers also trap the water-soluble vitamins and minerals from escaping the food.

Control Over Pressure And Timing:

Unlike the traditional pressure cookers, electric ones offer precise control over the pressure and time required to cook food. These pressure cookers have pre-programmed microchips in them which monitor the food that is present inside the cooker and adjust the pressure accordingly without any intervention from you. This eliminates the need for you to even be in kitchen while the food is cooking. With traditional rice cookers, you have to adjust the pressure manually which involves a lot of guesswork and also your supervision during the entire time that the food is cooking. We have the option of setting the time that we want our food ready. Traditional pressure cookers do not give this option and involve a lot of guesswork to decide if the food is properly cooked.

Safety Features:

As mentioned earlier, electric pressure cookers are equipped with several safety features to ensure your safety and that of the surroundings. The safety features, that include multiple valves to release pressure safely, ensure proper seal of the lid to prevent it from detaching until the pressure has reached safe levels. Conventional cookers offer much lesser safety features as compared to the electric cookers.